Angels and Saints

July 4, 2007

Hey everyone! Fionna started this game since we were so bored in class. Basically everyone gets to be an “Angel” for someone for 2 weeks and treat them nice. I have an angel too! Anyway this post is to thank my Angel for the gift she gave me.

Thanks alot! I don’t really like sweet stuff but i appreciate the thought. Maybe something saltish ? *hint hint* haha.


Looking stupid right after a jog.


Love the packaging!


Jaffa Cakes!

Anyway, hope after these 2 weeks we can still be angels and saints for each other, whoever you are =)

wah shit damn emo haha


One comment

  1. hey khai yong!

    glad 2 hear dat u’re doing fine in uk now.u know wat i’ve discovered yesterday?dat ur mum n my mum happened 2 know each other & r really close frens now cuz they’re from da same line dancing class at da bu community hall.it’s a small worlds & i happen 2 live only less than 60 secs away from ur place.dun worry,i’m not a stalker,ok!hehe..;)anyway,hav a great time ahead in uk & take care dude.

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