Lack of updates

July 20, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates. Whats new with me ? Exams, exams, EXAMS! Gonna be busy till mid of August! (if all goes well). In September i am going on Euro Trip – Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Belgium and maybe France! Gonna be a big trip, lasts 15 days.

What have i been up to before the exam period ?

West End Festival, Loch Lomond, Isle Of Cumbrae, International Student Pubbing,  Linlithgow Palace (Jousting and Sword Fighting), Glasgow River Festival. Never had a boring day since i reached here. Pics ? I will upload them soon i promise! Just stay tuned my blog isn’t dead yet just that im too busy. Hair ? Getting really long. Gonna get a haircut soon and maybe dye some cool colour..haha Probably after PP3 exams.

Recently i applied for a student support post at the Disability Service. Pay ranges from 8-20 pounds an hour! Hopefully i will get selected for interview. Weather has been pretty unpredictable. One day its hot the next day its freezing cold and windy.


heres some photos i took earlier when i first arrived in Glasgow.

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