August 7, 2007

I suddenly decided to start blogging again. Maybe this time i can try to connect to my silent readers (if there is any).

On lonely study nights, i tend to drift off in deep thought… trying to find reasons why am I here in Scotland (besides the obvious). When I feel lost, what better place to look for inspiration than back home? khailee.info gives me tons of it. He described his life as an overseas student, what he has done over there, what he regrets not doing, stuff like that. He seems to have found passion in his path a long time ago although he took many detours around the way. I haven’t seem to have found mine yet in Pharmacy. Sure, counseling patients is loads of fun, and i totally ruled out me being a lab-person in the future. But what else is there? Maybe I should have did my own research and picked my own course when i was younger. I’m not saying im giving up on this course….but what if? What if I had chosen a different path? One that didn’t involve 9-5 classes and sleepless nights of memorizing? Oh well, probably after exams are over I won’t have time to think so much. I’d be too busy having fun either by brushing up my culinary skills or by having LAN party with the girls.

Oh dear brother, shed some light onto me. I seem to be using the internet for the wrong purposes(not porn mind you). I don’t see how watching Family Guy on tv-links.co.uk or watching Darth Vader being a smart ass on youtube is going to help me develop as a person. Its 2.25am and i suppose most students are either sleeping or studying. Gosh I wish this sem would be over asap. I think i’m gonna dig deeper into your old posts to see if there’s anything I can relate to (as in living overseas).



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