The memoirs of a P105 student.

August 7, 2007

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the world of a P105 student. On June 5th a BA plane flew 116 kids, some in tears, some in smiles, but they all had one thing in common… They were about to settle down somewhere about 20 degrees colder than their previous environment. Upon reaching london, they were forced to strip parts of their clothing as well as expose their laptops, a series of security measures that frightened the unaware students, especially those who flew on a plane for the 1st time in their life.

Lady luck was on their side when BA 1476 arrived in Glasgow. They were greeted by familiar faces and given the keys to their new homes. It was a bright and sunny day. After checking in, they embraced their seniors whilst having idle chatter on the greens of Strathclyde, something they have been looking forward to since they joined IMU. They were then treated to a variety of Malaysian delicacies, I thoughtful gesture by the staff and University of Strathclyde, knowing how awful airplane food can get despite paying thousands of dollars for an air ticket. However, taste of the sub-standard nasi briyani gave some a bad feeling about the days to come…

The next day was abit less sunny. Nevertheless all was eager to explore the new lands, try some haggis and perhaps buy some Handbags. Once again, they day was saved by the seniors, for some served as excellent tour guides, while some made excellent human-trolleys. 5 Pounds for 2 chunks of chicken breast? You must be insane! Grumbled one of the boys as he stormed away from the meat section. Apparently, shopping for groceries wasn’t an easy task anymore with a calculator embedded into your head with only two keys – “X” & “7”. Satisfied with their month’s groceries, many  returned home only to find that they forgotten the oyster sauce. “No matter, we can make another trip there the tomorrow!” Unfortunately oyster sauce is only sold “cheap”in the chinese supermarkets (2.50 Pounds), the nearest being a 20-30 minute walk from home. Not only that, the so called “cheap” vegetables is also 40 minutes away (in the opposite direction). Tesco is becoming the students’ new favourite hangout.

Shopping days are over, and classes have begun. 9-5pm… “Hmmm thats not so bad. That leaves us with 1 hour to rush home, cook something, eat, wash up, shit(one toilet for 4 people) and wash up before running back to class. Oh well, maybe a few days wont be so bad. In the words of Nadia – “Nuh-UH! *bimbo fingers*” This lasted for a whole grueling month.

Month of August came. Most of the seniors have left back to sunny Malaysia… which left the Juniors to fend for themselves. August’s agenda – 8am wake up, bath and breakfast, books, lunch, books, dinner, books, books, books, sleep. Unlike back in IMU, we have no “study break”. It is a balance between sleep and books now. Good luck everyone – For the days to come… don’t think about home too much, your journey has only just begun! =)



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