Just to clarify

August 20, 2007

Dear readers,

Alot of people ask me these questions, and almost every time I give a completely different answer.I hope one day I can convey the correct answers without people misinterpreting them. ok here goes :

1.) Eh Khaiyong! You got 2 brothers wan ah??

Answer: Yes. I have 2 brothers. One is named Khailee and he is 2 years older than me. He has appeared many many times in newspaper and is most famous for his success in the recent HSBC Young Entrepreneur awards competition where he beat 323492340298 others from Asia. My eldest brother’s name is Khai Siung and he is 7 years older than me. He is the one that didn’t appear in the newspaper.

2. What does your brother(s) work as?

Khailee has already graduated and is working at an Internet Startup company. Dont ask me what it means, I dont know and its not STREAMYX. For more info, check out his company website – http://www.mindvalley.com or his personal weblog http://www.khailee.info

Khai Siung is currently working as an E-Product Creation expert. Don’t ask me what it means because I can’t explain it to you. For more info… visit http://aboutkhai.com

So there you have it. 2 Brothers with 2 Different jobs but sound like they are working for Streamyx. They are NOT. Also, I actually do have an idea on what they are doing but for me to explain I would have to write a 20 page essay with reference sources.

2 posts in one day. Hope I can keep this up. Cheers!


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