Ups and downs

August 28, 2007

Ever felt like life is like a roller coaster sometimes ? This might sound very cliche but sometimes you can feel that things never go in the direction you want it to go and you just decided to fuckit and move on with life, and then when you least expected, things start to go your way… Like a streak of good luck.

This is exactly how I feel now.. But you never know when bad luck will strike again.

Anyway I feel like this week is the start of something new… a brand new life maybe? I’ll know soon enough.

One comment

  1. Whatever it is, enjoy life while you still can. Good luck or bad luck, just depends on how you treat it and handle it. Stay cool man~

    btw, i want our photo!!!

    love_chrisyu@yahoo.com <– msn or email, either way will do ^^

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