September 4, 2007

fitness-advice Workout Question:
How can I reduce my waistline and lose weight in my tummy area?

fitness-advice Workout Answer:
To lose that extra body fat from your waistline, you really need to eat a very “clean” diet and specifically train your midsection to tighten and tone the area. In terms of your diet, try and eat several small and nutritious meals throughout the day. You will gain several benefits from eating several small meals throughout the day and your body’s metabolism will be revved up throughout the day. I would recommend to focus on lean protein sources (chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites), lean fibrous carbs (broccoli, mushrooms, squash, zucchini) and whole wheat starchy carbs (whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.). Try to eat every 3 hours and make sure to include a lean protein source in each meal.

Its also extremely important to keep a diet journal of your nutritional intake. This way you will be able to track where all your calories are coming from and really monitor your intake.

Taken from shapefit.com

Which kinda makes sense to me now. Despite my rigourous gym routine i still can’t seem to shed the fat. My brother who studied in Sydney once didn’t exercise for a whole year and yet he came back even thinner than ever. All because he ad a healthy diet.


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  1. i need to let my gf read this.

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