Blue Anus

September 22, 2007

Oh, something interesting i learnt from work. You know how back in Malaysia when we always address people more elder than us as either ‘Sir’ or ‘Maam’? Over here its considered rude. Seriously. Apparently I was told that they find it insulting.

They would much rather we address them by their first name. I can imagine myself calling the dean – Whats up Jim ?


  1. then what are we supposed to address to customers? to ask what is their name first? THAT’S WEIRD:S lolz

  2. haha good question. well today i was working in some event, when i address them i tried not to use ‘sir’ but i guess sir is ok when you are dealing with customers. but my boss prefers i dont refer to him as sir.

  3. haha! have time working dude!:) that’s interesting 😛

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