Bumped into my old blog

September 24, 2007

I bumped into my old blog recently –

http://khaiyong.blogdrive.com (2005-2006)

Didn’t know it was still alive.  I was so much more talkative back then. And I think my blog posts are more secretive and more emo now. Speaking of secretive, I just watched ‘A Secret I cannot tell’ by Jay Chou. New movie apparently(maybe old i might be outdated), courtesy of Wei Thian for informing me about it. Gosh im so outdated on everything thats happening in Malaysia now. Anyway, the movie was alright, at first I predicted that the girl has another boyfriend or something else, but turns out to be something different 😉 won’t spoil it for you guys who haven’t watched it. Oh yeah and once again it portrays Jay Chou being cool at something. First it was cars drifting and now pianos. The next one is definitely gonna be about basketball since he loves basketball. I heard he was supposed to star in the Slam Dunk movie, wonder what happened to that. Oh and one of the actors in the movie was from the MV – Tui Hou, sung by Jay Chou as well. They must be friends.

Come to think of it, I think i really enjoyed life much more back then. Its time for me to start enjoying life here as well – To the fullest.



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