Back to my ‘roots’

October 9, 2007

I almost forgot how i looked like with black hair till i stumbled upon this.


Okay, stop laughing.

Influenced by my brother and Dragonball Z, I became obsessed with my hair. I would dye my hair every end year holiday break and dye it back to black before school reopens. Colours i’ve tried so far – Ash blue, grey, greenish blonde, light blonde, dark brown, light brown, red. I always have this thinking that when I get old I probably won’t have hair to play with but it wouldn’t matter anymore as i would be married with kids. Haha.

Me and my brother always wanted to start a hair blog but never got down to doing it. And stupid me deleted all my old hair pics.

And this is how a look like now.


One comment

  1. haha..black-haired khaiyong exposed! FINALLY! xD

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