October 15, 2007

Just came back from an interesting conversation with my neighbors. The topic of discussion was the different languages used by our batchmates. In general, I would say that the ‘click’ we are in depends alot on the common tongue ever since we were in IMU. For example, my main language is english, hence, the people I would hangout with the most would be the english speaking people in my class. I guess this is true to a certain extent and thats why our class is still quite divided (besides the fact that we have 116 of us here).

Anyhow, i kinda regret not practicing my dialects when I was young. Dad was from Muar, Johor and he practically spoke hokkien throughout his whole childhood, and my mum was Singaporean but spoke cantonese. Dad was forced to pick up english when he studied in Melbourne (he failed a few classes because of poor english), and mum was just natural at the language. So you see, I got the best of both worlds but I failed to cherish my heritage.

I’d hate to grow up one day and see my children only be able to speak English and Mandarin and BM. If I don’t send them to chinese schools next time then they will be pure bananas. Maybe I should marry someone whose an expert in dialects.

Btw, those wondering where I got my english from (besides my parents), its from playing computer games since I was 4 and watching americanized cartoons throughout my childhood.  Ironically, now that im in Scotland i’m forced to adapt my accent to the Scottish style in order for them to understand me better.

I hope to pick up more languages throughout my stay in Scotland. I think i could use them when I work in the community pharmacies back in Msia. If i get sent to Penang confirm hailat.


One comment

  1. hah thats for not speakin enough canto in secondary school and college la lol =)
    Btw long time no see.

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