Autumn Shade

October 26, 2007

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the lack of updates. Despite having only 3 days of lectures out of 5, I find myself busy doing something at every moment. However, I just got back from 2 lectures this morning and now i’m free till next Wed.

So whats in stall for me these few days?

Sat: UNION training day for presidents and event coordinators. Did i mention that i’ve been elected as the event co-ordinator for my halls residence committee? Yup. Gonna organize some crazy parties.

Sun: Pretty much literature searching for my research project. Been putting it off for quite sometime thanks to social obligations.

Monday: Might go the the gym if my leg heals in time. Pulled my hamstring 2 weeks ago, healed about a week ago, injured again on the same day but not as serious. =(

Tuesday: Basketball! At night there is a quiz night for the Strathclyde halls committees.  I hope its not about Scottish Culture.

Wednesday: Strathclyde halls committee meeting.


Gonna be a busy but fun year ahead. I’ll just pen off with some pics i took.


Notice the leaves shedding and the autumn shade? I would too if I were standing outside in this kind of weather.


View of Sauchiehall Street(a major shopping street in glasgow city) Guess what was the time when i took that? It was about 5ish. The days are getting shorter.


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