Si Tenggang’s Homecoming

October 30, 2007

Remember this poem we used to study during English Literature classes?

Now i think i can really relate to it.  In a blink of an eye, its almost 5 months since i’ve been here. Although that isn’t even half of my journey, I can feel myself having significant changes in my thoughts, perspectives, and cara hidup as well. For example, when I first arrived here, spending money was harder to do than homework. But now that i’ve got a part time job, i’ve learnt to indulge in myself once in awhile by eating good food or throwing a few fun drinking parties. I’m not saying i’ve become more spendrift, its just that I feel that we should enjoy every moment of our lives to the fullest…

No point stinging every single cent till you’re all old and have no chance to spend it on all the things you wanted to. I don’t wanna grow old thinking i’ve been eating tasteless,bland food and not enjoying my uni life to the fullest. This is my last chance to be ‘young’ and I want to remember my uni life to be full of happy memories.

Therefore, YOU reading this, if you’re still pondering on whether to spend RM10 on McDs that you feel like eating now, I urge you to indulge in yourself abit. Think about how you want to live your life. Of course, if stinging makes you happy, by all means do what you feel like. In the end its your happiness that counts. But do consider me over here – a packet of Siu Mai costs about 3-4 pounds which I dont think i would buy no matter how happy it would make me =) (I would be more sad to part with my pounds instead lol)



  1. but you eat mcd in kl all the time. why would u spend more on it here?

    shud eat other stuff.

  2. i wasnt implying u must eat mcDs here. I was addressing my friends in Msia. FYI, I haven’t eaten mcDs before since I landed here.

  3. in that case……………………

    go on, finish it for me.. haha

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