November 6, 2007

Great Food + Great Drinks + Great Friends + Polka = The Spectacular Czech Party

On the 3rd of November, out Czech friends invited us over for a good time @ their place in Birkbeck Halls.

The night started our with camwhoring and dinner with their very own Czech cooking – Beef Goulash with Paprika.


Vaclav doing the final touches.




We were set for the night.


There’s more =)


They even had Czech Budweiser.


Nazdrawi-lah! (meaning Cheers-lah … abit of Czech-Malaysian slang)


Meet Paval. Girls, he’s not taken… haha. He’s my inspiration for gym.

After dinner, they had a beautiful powerpoint slide presentation about Czech… Their lifestyles and culture back home. Whoever is interested in seeing the presentation, give me a shout and ill email it to you.


Followed by the polka party! We learnt how to dance the polka and we took part in the Polka Dancing competition.


The the winner goes to…

By now the alcohol had started to take effect. We started playing some drinking games.

Alex blind folded was supposed to find the ‘pin’ on Pavals body. Guess where we hid the pin *wink*


Whoops… im innocent!

The night went on with a most of us getting drunk and few puked over the floor. According to Vaclav, in Czech, after puking they just get drunk all over again. In Malaysia we clean up the floors and go to sleep.

Overall, it was a spectacular Czech Party. Shoutout to Paval and Vaclav for the great night. Hope to hangout with you guys again real soon!

One comment

  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. It was spectacular party ’cause there were cool party Malaysians friends!!

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