November 19, 2007

Yes folks, im still here… Just when you guys thought you could label my blog dead after one quick last check, a post appeared. hah!

I was just preparing my presentation on a patient case I examined back in Hospital Seremban. Really brings back old memories. I could still remember the cheerful look on his face everytime I saw him, despite having Non-ST elevated MI, Stressed induced Hyperglycaemia and uncontrolled hypertension. I wonder how is he now, whether he successfully completed his Coronory Artery Bypass Graft surgery or is he still getting re-admitted to the hospital. Well Mr MA, wish you all the best wherever you are. Your smiles gave me inspiration during those hot humid boring hospital attachment days.

Speaking about boredom, ever feel that you wanna meet new people with same interests in a safe environment, whether its for hobbies, interests or just for fun? You don’t have to join dance classes anymore to do that, check out Bunchout.com, A new site started by Ng Khai Lee* ;).So go on and check it out, even if you dont wanna meet new people, let your friends know about it.

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