December 5, 2007

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

It all started on Monday night. Had dinner with Mei and Selene, watched a gangster movie and then celebrated Akmals 22nd. About 2 am i started feeling nauseous and light-headed, so I thought maybe it was just me so I went to bed.

6AM Tuesday

I woke up still feeling nauseous and abit feverish. My heater was on full blast so I thought it might be because of that. So i popped 2 PCM, drank 1000mg of ascorbic acid and went to bed.

11AM Tuesday

I woke up at 11 coz I had a meeting with my supervisor. I was starting to feel queasy and i had wee stomach cramps. Before I knew it i started vomiting and having massive diarrhoea. After getting it all out I went to the meeting still feeling nauseous but I knew i had to hold it in.

11am Tuesday

After the meeting, the vomiting and diarrhoea resumed.  Decided to have some biscuits and milo. It didn’t stay down my tract for more than 5 minutes. So basically I had been puking and shitting ultra watery shit from 11pm till 9pm at night when I decided to sleep. It was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t even drink water. I took sips of water which wanted to come out as well. Basically i just starved the whole day.

10am Wednesday

Feeling alot better now. Went over to the uni doctor who diagnosed me with viral gastroenteritis. Was told to stay home and rest. Whoopee no need to go to class later… So.. the moral of the story is…  jaga ur hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.



  1. Heard in unit J1: “Bang!! tap, tap, tap, tap, tap… Bleahh!! Uwek, Bleahh!! ”
    Heard in J1-3: ” wahahaha, ahaha!!”

  2. hai my dearest mentee, how’s ya feeling right now? getting better? take gud care and do well in ur final year research project, may u be blessed with lots of lucks. ^-^ Thanks for dropping by my blog, haha… been slacking in blogging recently since im having a dull life right now, sleep and work and study.. im missing life in glasgow sooooo much, so an advise to u, enjoy kao kao there! Keep in touch and Gambate. “Our mentor mentee combo is the BEST”. GoGo.

  3. Hi khai yong! found out some time ago you’re in scotland, still remember me anot! take care you 🙂

  4. hey sze yuin! how could i forget u? hehe. you’re in UK as well aren’t you ? add me in msn will u? superhair@hotmail.com


  5. haha, will do 🙂 yeah i’m in sheffield! speak soon!

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