December 12, 2007

My brother is 2 years older than me and what has he accomplished so far?

Lets see…

He’s got a degree,is a co-founder of a youth socio-political online magazine, managed a huge project which helped promote the Malaysian music industry which he now has passed on to other people to handle, worked in a company which paid him quite a lot even though he just started out not too long ago (he’s quit now to start his new business project – i cant believe it) – Started his own online web application business (all in the name of social entrepreneurship), not to mention won the HSBC young entrepreneur award beating thousands of hopeful participants, won KLUE magazine’s blue chilli awards as one of the most outstanding up-and-coming young talents, won an essay writing competition which made him meet the prime minister, performed in a band, as a solo artist in Laundrybar, won many art-related competitions here and there(photography and i remember when he was young he won something by drawing a butterfly using paintbrush – he was only 10 years old then) and the list goes on

So whats my situation? Nothing. Slaving my ass off studying drug delivery systems that were invented decades ago. No degree,  no income, no big flashy trophies (small ones yes but no big ones). This post isn’t about jealously. No. I really respect him. It’s about regret. Wish I could have spent my past 21 years more effectively. Achieving better results, scaling higher mountains, not be such an underachiever.

This post is just to give motivation to myself and to my fellow classmates who don’t feel like studying. Now you’ve met Khailee. Wanna be like him? Go study and be the best in your field.


  1. Hey dude,

    It’s not too late to begin now, which is better than never. 🙂

    If it’s any consolation to you, the good news is that a lot of successful people usually make it in the later half of their life. So to begin now at the age of 21, we’re both still relatively young. 🙂

    And thought you should know, not every achievement and success comes in the form of a medal – and truth to tell, most of which the rewards can exceed the value of metal.

    I’ve met all of your family members and take my word for it: there are some really rare ‘powerful’ traits that run in your family – that includes YOU too, Khai Yong! 🙂

  2. wOooWww ur bro… u are really proud to be his bro too!!!

    lets fight dds for now. gambateh!

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