Journey to the Czech (Part 1)

December 30, 2007

Ahoj! (typical Czech greeting)


Upon arrival at Prague – Me, Hui Mei, Selene, Vaclav and Pavel were picked up by Vaclav’s brother Tomas (pronounced Thomaszh). A quick drive down Prague city led us to our accomodation for the night – AZ Hostel

Cost us approximately 20 Euros a night. Clean toilets, well carpeted floors, well insulated. Smack in the heart of Prague City. Public transport is near (buses,trams,trains) great food, great sights,and cheesy strip clubs.

Tired from the long journey, we walked to the local pub for pivo(beer)

Random facts #1 – Common czech beers – Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Budvar(Czech Budweiser). Instead of coke, people drink Kofola – go wiki it.

Ok moving on – the next morning we went to explore the city on our own.


Xmas stalls selling souvenirs and food.


Wencester Square (aka Vaclav Square)


Statue of St.Vaclav (not to be confused with our Vaclav =P)

Suddenly, something long, hard, and juicy stood out in the middle of nowhere. I was shocked. It was vaclav’s sausage.


Thats the name of the sausage, seriously. I don’t know whether Vaclav should be insulted or proud.


Powder Tower and the new mascots of Michelin tyres.


Old town square – the famous Christmas Market

We managed to saviour some of the local delicacies – Klobasy, Langose and Bramborak.


View from the top of Prague Castle.


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