Journey to the Czech (Part 2)

January 2, 2008

More sites of Prague …


The famous astronomical clock of Prague


A majestic cathedral smack in the middle of Prague castle compound


Emo pic just for fun


A monument as a tribute to the great Khai


Random fact : Bata isn’t from Malaysia. It was started by Tomáš Baťa in the Austro-hungarian empire(now Czech republic). People think Bata is a local company in Msia because of its cheap imitations of other brands, but once you see the Bata store here, you will never see it the same way again. Here i am standing in front of the famous Bata shop in Prague. They sell alot of designer boots and womens shoes.


Prague river and Charles Bridge

For lunch we decided to have eggs –



Palacinky – Pancake filled with jam, topped with whipped cream and syrup


More lovely roadside food – Czech bread, slab of roasted pork, pickles.

Thats all for Prague.

UP NEXT : The journey to Tabor!!!



  1. Came across your blog & thought I’d say Hi.
    Looks like your having a wonderful journey. You’ve got some really great photo’s. Keep on enjoying the adventure.

  2. Owh mannN~ I can’t stand all the pics of me in that jacket la seriouslyyyyyyyy… So F-ing FAT!! ARGHHH.. Beh tahann..

  3. prague is really a great city to visit man. i mus go nex time also.

  4. […] PART 2 […]

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