Journey to the Czech (Part 3)

January 4, 2008

Goodbye Prague, Hello Tabor.

We left Prague after lunch and arrived in Tabor in the evening because Pavel got lost finding his friend’s house whom he was supposed to give a lift to Tabor as well. (NB. His friend’s name is also Pavel which got quite confusing after awhile so I decided to call Pavel “Skopecs”)

One thing I must say, you can’t beat Czech families when it comes to Hospitality. You shall see why in awhile. We were warmly greeted by Pavel’s mom who was in the process of baking Christmas cake.


She couldn’t speak English so I had to speak in Czech with her: Sembrant Xie Jie Poshnavam (at least, thats how I pronounce it) – literally meaning: “I am liking to meet you”.

The house was small and compact. It had one kitchen, one living room which has a bed where Pavel’s younger brother(named Tomas as well) sleeps, 2 more rooms and a toilet. Mattresses were laid out in Pavel’s room like how our friends mums would lay out for us when we go for sleepovers back when we were young. It gave us the very warm, fuzzy feeling.


Happy family. My face is a bit red because beer is the usual accompaniment of Czech dinners.


Dinner : 3 dumplings, 2 slabs of roast covered in radish cream. The Czechs love their dumplings and meat.

After dinner Pavel took us to see Tabor Town.




Quiet but it gave the very Christmas-ty feel.


We met up with Pavel2 and more of their ex-highschool friends and went pub-hopping. What better way to spend the night. =)

Read on for the Ski adventure!

Early next morning, Vaclav drove over to fetch us to go skiing. Pavel’s mum loaded us with meaty sandwiches and snacks before we left (what did I tell you about Czech hospitality).

So okay, the drive there was long and nauseating but suddenly I thought i was in Narnia.


But Mr.Tumnus was nowhere to be seen.


Ski equipment rental costs us only 150 Czk each. Freaking cheap!


Taken when I was sitting the gondola up to the peak of the hill.

And here’s what happens when Hui Mei gets off the gondola:

And here’s what happens when Selene gets off the old fashioned pulley.

And finally, me skiing:


Me and my skiing teachers – Tomas and Vaclav. Dyekuji!


Dinner with Vaclav’s family after a tiring day.


Typical Czech dinner but an unforgettable Malaysian dinner.


Hand baked selection of cookies for dessert.


The fun just never stops. Later in the evening, we went to Pavel’s high school reunion concert.

The band’s name is Another Way. Their style – Seattle Grunge. He even looks like Kurt Cobain. I bought their album as a souvenir. Did I mention that they’re from Tabor as well?



Another Czech band –


Next: The final episode of “Journey to the Czech!” Stay tuned!

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