Happy New Year + Facebook Dilemma

January 6, 2008

Greetings all,

Happy New Year 2008 ! New layout + new blog title. Whats with the trees and nature out of a sudden? Nothing really, its just temporary as I want to learn CSS so I can customize my own layouts in the future.

Right now, I want to talk about Facebook.When I just finished my SPM, everyone was telling me to join Friendster as it was the “In” thing then. That was the 1st online social networking site i’ve joined. It was fun adding and meeting lots of random people through friendster… People kept adding me until i’ve had over 1000 friends. Then it came to my realization that 75% were people I’ve never met in my whole life and soon friendster got dominated by lalas including me. Messages became no longer sincere anymore as people kept forwarding stupid chain mails out of fear of getting raped by mad horses.

In 2007, my friends asked me to keep in touch via Facebook, the new “In” thing. Fair enough, I decided it would be a great way to start anew. I’ve made it a point to only accept/add friends who I know in real life, and so far this has been working well with me. Then the problems started – Facebook is unique as you can add multiple applications to liven up your page, such as things like “Hot or Not”, quizzes, Superwall… stuff like that. I thought it was cool at first, seeing my friends draw flowers on their friends’ superwalls so I too joined in the bandwagon.

Before i knew it, I had many applications myself. How did I end up with so many? Well, if you use facebook too you should know that in all applications, in order to ascend to the “next level” or to see the results of your “sex knowledge quiz” you must forward the application to 20 friends. I dunno why some people think the more applications they have on their page, the more likely they are to get laid. I finally realised how ridiculous this was when I had to load a page for 20 seconds just to see my friend’s wall.


In the end, I decided to delete all my useless applications, leaving only a few useful ones like photo album. That way, I can use facebook for my original purpose – to keep in touch with friends and so they can keep in touch with me.

Last but not least, don’t be offended if I don’t accept your invitation to be your ‘Top friend’ because I know it wasn’t a sincere request anyway. =)


  1. I totally get itttt… What is with the ‘hatching eggs’ n ‘water balloon’ applications.. Like.. WTH for?! I got rid of most of my applications too. Keep my page nice and simple =)

  2. i hav like several hundreds of invitations for duno wat -_-”

    haha. facebook is good to share pics with others.

    but on the other hands, it is way to complicated.

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