What I eat everyday

January 26, 2008

Really cant think of any catchy posts anymore, so I’m just gonna let you guys into a bit of my personal life.

Its been a few weeks now and I must say my diet is slightly bland. Its a new thing i’m trying out courtesy of fourhourworkweek.com and the GI-diet list.

Well, so far I do see abit of progress. I’ve cut some fat of my waist and put on a few pounds worth of muscles.

For breakfast its Tesco Muesli Cereal + Semi Skimmed milk. Its actually quite tasteless but I think i’ve grown an acquired taste for it.

Lunch is 2 sandwiches and a fruit of choice. I use Burgen’s Soy+linseed bread with a slice of cheese, some lettuce and either bernard matthew turkey breast slices (2 packs for 2 pounds at farmfood) or 45p tuna in brine at aldi.


Preworkout – 1 Banana (Hint: Tesco value bananas are long)

Postworkout – 1 Spoonful of Soyprotein with semiskimmed milk

Dinner – ok here’s the killer: boiled chicken breast seasoned with black and white pepper, boiled wholemeal spaghetti, boiled lentils, lettuce, tomatoes, 2 hard boiled eggs, and a dab of belacan sambal (chillies increase metabolism).

Post dinner snack (if really hungry) – small bowl of muesli cereal.

So there you have it. My meals are boring but sometimes I cut myself some slack by eating brown wholegrain rice with some healthy dishes for dinner.  Boring but not tasteless.



  1. Adoi… What slack are you cutting yourslef mann.. Brown rice is sO not counted… =P

    But I gotta hand it to you lar.. I’d never imagine anyone being able to pull that diet off till I saw it with my own eyes….

  2. walaoyeah ky. evything oso boil for dinner part. haha.

    erm. actually i alwiz tink that its ok to eat eat eat. as long as we workout n exercise regularly. BUT, lazyness defintely overwhelmed my will to exercise.

    my house fry evything n rarely boil soup. OMG.

    keep it up! 🙂

  3. haha omg are you serious?

    i wish i was as disciplined as you!


  4. aldi muesli cheaper

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