Online Diet Journal

January 29, 2008

Some geniuses invented an online diet profile which helps you monitor how much calories you consume and burn everyday, with a whole lot of other cool stuff. Check out Fitday.com

Meanwhile, I thought i’d give it a go myself.

Click here to view my online diet journal!

Also, an interesting read about ways to increase metabolsm. Personally I think a few of them are just myths, but some are true! Hmm, must conduct gold standard double-blind randomized trials with huge population sample to see =P


  1. Ah interesting find.. Think I’ll give it a go too =P

  2. http://xanga.com/sleepwalkintalkin

  3. oh ya i remember something else

    instead of mayo i use yogurt

    u know, for like tuna etc

  4. Blasphemous philistines!!
    All for taste and pleasure!!
    Tremble and pay homage to kah wei’s sugar-for-everything-and-anything-cooking style
    HU HA!

  5. oh, the love between room 3 and 4…

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