Chinese New Year Post

February 9, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai and may all those chronic gamblers not get into huge debt this year.

I have to admit, this was one of the funnest CNYs i’ve ever had in my whole life. Why? Because I get to play bom-bom-bah till my laps hurt.

But also, we had a huge ass class party and we invited our Scottish classmates and lecturers to join us. Also on this night (and reunion dinner) i strayed from my monk-ish diet, thus spiking my caloric intake but studies show that by doing so you can cause a paradoxical rise in metabolism (due to inhibition of down regulation of thyroid function when your body thinks you are starving . Whatever works.


Raghnall and me. He seriously looks familiar to some actor i’ve seen on tv before. This dude and I are research partners.


And a wee lassie whose not so wee coz she’s taller than me.


Malaysian girls and me.

Thats all the pics I have right now. Was too busy eating to take pictures. But I will get more pics of the scene soon.

Coming back to the topic, this years CNY is more fun coz im spending it with all my friends and not in some car for hours waiting to arrive at a place with smelly leather sofas soaked with years of sweat and be bitten to death by mosquitoes. Don’t get me wrong I love visiting my relatives its just the road trip thats boring.



  1. okay.. don’t think i saw raghnall at the party..
    is that his new hairdo? probably wasn’t able to recognise him then.. haha~

  2. Your house “GOd of Prosperity” does bring me some luck… Had great fun playing bom bom bah… but I still dun think Cider will make me drunk…=P

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