Experiments in lifestyle and design – Radical Honesty

February 21, 2008

I didn’t feel like sleeping because its off to lecture in the morning if I do. So i went to read up Tim Feriss’s blog fourhourworkweek.com (there are lots of interesting experiments in lifestyle and design)and i came across this interesting article about Radical Honesty.

Imagine this, when someone asks you what you think about her new dress(and it looks bad btw), will you :-

a)Say it looks bad


b)Say it looks good

Most likely you are gonna compliment her dress as not to offend her. But what if we took away the brain-mouth filters in our life? In other words be brutally honest with each other. What benefit could come from this? Will you lose all your friends and get fired from work? Or will it establish a deeper bond between 2 individuals (for example a truthful relationship).

Another crazy example (but not crazy in terms of radical honesty) is that if you frequently fantasize your friend’s wife, would you tell it to your wife or just keep your mouth shut. Once again, it depends on how open your culture is. Probably in an open culture your wife would suggest an orgy since she has been fantasizing about your friend as well…who knows?

This whole lifestyle experiment intrigues me. I doubt it would work in my current situation but I can imagine how exciting it would be to give it a shot. If anyone is interested in trying our Radical Honesty with me drop me a message.

http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707 – you guys can read about the article here. Really worth a read!

Btw, I resent any of you who just read my blog posts and dont comment.


One comment

  1. Ah I see you’re starting it already…

    Well I resent you for not commenting on my blog anymore.

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