Robbery at JBC!!!

February 23, 2008

Banshee-like shrieks of a scottish woman broke the silence of my room… “Just another lover’s squabble”, I thought to myself.

 Wei Meng had been screaming as usual…something about collecting old news paper. I have no old newspaper, so I dismissed the Penangites call for attention. As I resumed my reading about the Glycemic Index, the crackling sounds of gravel started to become more annoying. The next thing I heard was a quarrel – one was shouting in a drunken scottish accent while the other- in mandarin.

Immediately I pushed the cups off my window sill to heed to calls of distress. Something was going on. Something horrible.

As I opened my window, i saw a man wielding a bottle as big as a club, an injured man trying to compose himself and another woman helping him to get up. The drunkard with the bottle threatened to attack if any of my friends came closer. Immediately I left my room to get in on the action.

The bottle was swung frantically in the air. We backed off, we couldn’t risk anyone getting hurt especially the innocent. Moments later, the trio made their escape. We tailed them from afar but not too close, we didn’t want to aggravate the beast further. Then came a few men clad in their bright yellow jackets- reinforcements.

We gave chase, but the road split into two. Strathclyde security and some took the down path while I and a few brave ones decided to take the other… But the thieves have slithered into the shadows of the night.

As we made our way down to rendezvous with the rest, our morale was boosted once again by the sirens of the Strathclyde Police. A few climbed into the police car to try and track down the thieves, who couldn’t have gotten far since one of injured. The rest stayed and keep and eye out while others reported the events to the coppers.

The howling winds of Glasgow we’re getting the better of us. We decided to head back to our quarters as the trail has gone cold. Suddenly… a man fitting the description appeared at the scene. Without another word, the police subdued the man, dressed in a dark jacket and marine blue track suit. “I didn’t do anything!” he exclaimed loudly. Well if holding a huge beer bottle threateningly counts as “nothing” then I guess he’s innocent.

The tension has subsided, but we still felt uneasy. Two dangerous people were still on the loose.

Me and the guys accompanied by the security staff made our way to the laundry, where we believe to be the “headquarters” of the thieves who have been plotting all day. WY suddenly recalled that when he tried to enter the laundry through the main door this afternoon, there was someone holding the door back. At that moment, it all made sense to me. As I came home from gym at about 6pm I saw that the laundry lights of the fire exit was switched off – which I rationalized that it was just a blackout. Furthermore a random cigarette bud was found on the floot outside my flat. It all adds up now.

As we entered the laundry, we were shocked to see remnants of GH’s wallet scattered all over the floor. Items included coins, student cards, prayer amulet and even highlighters. What weird taste for a robber. We also discovered cigarette buds, beer bottles and smoked marijuana. Immediately security staff picked up a piece of metal bar from the ground and told us to stay back. The thief might still be in hiding. He called out for the thief but there was no answer.

Slowly, one by one he opened the closets. We stood next to the security staff with clenched fists to prepare for the worst.

As we switched the lights back on, we gave a sigh of relief. But the night isn’t over yet…

Back at JBC, one by one the guys gave a full account of the story to the well-built policemen(and women) who gave us a sense of security despite all that has happened tonight. The police managed to recover a few belongings but part of it is still in the hands of the remaining thieves…Will the theives be caught? Will JBC be safe once again? Stay tuned for the latest updates…only at khaiyong.wordpress.com



  1. Ei! That was my line! lol! Drama gilerrr

  2. i actually think all IMU blogs are covering this story. khai yong you need the strathclyde police inside scoop

  3. well written piece bro

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