More suspicious findings

February 24, 2008

As I was walking home from Aldi, i noticed several blokes taking a leak by the wall at the end of JBC.

Later that night, my window was mysteriously knocked on by someone (note my curtains are always closed), whom I believe to be another crazy guy coz I could hear him mumbling something. I also heard car sounds but found it quite unusual as the nearest road was quite far. But when I took a peak no one was to be seen.

Was talking to MT and he told me he spotted a few suspicious teenagers  loitering around as well.

We are living in a dangerous place.

I have emailed the President of the halls committee of JBC and voiced our concerns. Hopefully security will be beefed up around JBC. Until then… I have a glass bottle beside my window for emergencies. To everyone else, I suggest to keep an eye out for any suspicious figures and be safe at night… Don’t walk out alone.


  1. lets work together, GG them!

  2. T.T so scary lar…

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