Many…many things

April 18, 2008

Ok this is a random post.

1. Beef Slices rock (albeit being wee bit expensive). I’ve been eating too much tuna.

2. My whole house is falling apart. Chopping board going moldy. Jamban sometimes can’t flush tissue down. Hand soap pumps clogged (have to press real hard and everything just squirts out like never tfk for 10 days).

3. My house was one of the last few houses to have their hot water restored (I think) since the power cut. Curses! My house just loves cold water.

4. Four people talked to me regarding DYP in IMU. Glorious memories…

5. Apparently I did not have permission to view one of the blogs on my links. I have since then removed the link. (What’s the point of having a link when you can’t access it)

6. Studies blow.

Alex! Mail the dvd so I have something nice to blog about! ahah



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