You know what really grinds my gear #34 (sorry forgot what number)

April 20, 2008

Lecture slides with 96 pages. Damnit. So much for an easy night. Seriously lecturers are getting lazier and lazier by the day. They just copy and paste the whole module notes into power point.

Meanwhile, if you wanna know how life is, i look forward to going to the gym/doing groceries. Basically anything that involves me not sitting on my chair. I think that says a lot.

Now something somewhat interesting. The J-1s have formed a band! Consisting of 2 acoustic guitars, one tin whistle and one marakas (which was supposed to be cheries but she didn’t want it because it was too noisy). But if you’re studying at night and u hear a whole lot of ruckus, it wasn’t us!! 😛

Anyway, I just wanna congratulate the foosball club in IMU on a successful DYP. Good job, keep the spirit of foos going. Gosh looking back at the pics really made me feel nostalgic for awhile… Foosball and Dota was a huge part of my life and I was sad to part with it when I came here but have since come to terms with boredom. Life is much more productive now anyways. But I still miss them both. =(

90 more slides to go. Gambate yonger!

One comment

  1. You guys should so totally jam out on the grass on a nice sunny day =P I was really impressed with what I heard! Haha I was not expecting that! *wooTz* Got a name for your new indie band?

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