Att: P106 – The Ultimate Checklist For Glasgow – Part 1

April 21, 2008

Hey guys and girls, this will be the comprehensive guide to packing for your stay in Scotland. Unfortunately, I will be focusing more on the guys’ packing list

Note: Its been a year now and I apologize if I left any items out. I will update the list if I remember anything else. Do drop any additional questions you might have and I’ll help out when I can.

Note2: I will be mentioning Primark a lot. Think of it as the Jaya Jusco of UK where you can get loads of stuff cheap.

As a general rule of thumb, girls tend to bring a whole lot more stuff than guys. Therefore, if you think you are bringing too much excess luggage you can freeload off the extra space of guys 😛

Guys Clothes – Summer (From Head to Toe)

This is the only time I used my cap/shades.

Scarfs – Buy from UK if you don’t have one. More fashionable and cheap too!

T-Shirts/Polo Tees very handy for all seasons. Feel free to buy a lot of shirts here if you lazy to bring. Depending on your style and preference the prices of shirts can range from 2-15 pounds.(yes!)

I find that during the summer I could even wear long sleeve shirts without a jacket.

Speaking of jackets, I brought one light jacket worked for me during the summer.

Formal shirts – You need it for PP3/Work/Clubs/Bars/Paktoh etc. I will talk about work later.  Tie are not necessary for PP3 but you will look cool with one. If your formal shirts are those purely working kind (plain colours) please don’t wear it to paktoh. You can find cool striped formal shirts all over UK. Bring some cool ties (hint: skinny)

Shorts – for home use. Summer is the only time people can actually wear shorts out. Bring swimming pants if you swim.

Longs – Jeans (2 pairs did it for me), Pure black slacks for work,  tracksuit(optional).

Underwear – Here sells boxers but I prefer underwear and I couldn’t find any here. Lucky I brought enough from home.

Belt – Formal belt and casual belt.

Socks – I suggest bring long and thick socks. Ankle socks here very cheap (6 pairs for 2 pounds). Black working socks oso 6 pairs for 2 pounds.

Shoes – Black Leather Shoes (for pp3 and work). Sneakers for jalan-jalan/traveling and sports shoes for sports. Here can buy decent sneakers for 10-20 pounds.

Slippers – Home use/Summer/holiday trips.

Guys Clothes – Autumn

Pretty much colder I would say. Medium thick jacket + scarf/ Winter jacket will keep you sufficiently warm. A lot of you would ask if its wise to bring winter jacket from home. My advice is: If you don’t have one, buy it here. It’s cheaper than Malaysia.

Gloves – useful here. Get tight fitting ones. Here can buy.

Guys Clothes – Winter

Winter Jacket.


Gloves. If you are going to super cold countries – Leather gloves handy (although more expensive).

Long johns optional. It helped me alot when I was in Prague.

Snow cap.

Sports apparel

Bring some clothes for exercise. It is still possible to jog outside during the summer. Other times join the gym and exercise all you want indoors. If you hardcore basketballer no harm bringing your basketball shoes coz here very expensive. Futsal is on concrete. I bought gym gloves for 3+ pounds. Skipping rope here can buy. Here has a lot of sports stores.

I think thats all for clothes. I will continue the next section soon. Stay tuned!

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