May 5, 2008

OMG… no freaking way… I was thinking to myself.

Was about to resume my studies when I decided to facebook(new term haha) for awhile. Was browsing through my bro’s pics when i saw him tagged with one of my long-lost ex-s dating back to highschool.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Small world indeed. I hope she doesn’t tell my brother what I noob I was back then. I was young damnit! 🙂

But still, facebook rox! haha. Never underestimate the power of facebook. Looking forward to some catching up.

Speaking of catching up, time for biodegradable polymer implants. Finals this Tuesday! Wish me luck! ROAR.

P.S Happy Birthday Min Tien! You’re definitely someone who can be counted on in times of need. Best wishes and all good luck for Finals!


One comment

  1. hmmm… yeah facebook is growing FAST and featuring some really cool features. but the DOTA there really ermmm…mm dim. haha.

    i spend no time on that n i gues i must hav missed out alot.

    n thks for the special wish! 🙂

    good luck in exams too!

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