Pre-graduation excitement

June 28, 2008

Sigh, i STILL can’t multi-task. Had to pause my music for me to write this blog post =(

The past few days I have been seeing many uncles and aunties with luggage bags. Everyone’s parents are moving in for graduation. This time around, my parents won’t be joining me for the ceremony. I’ve explained many times that its not worth spending 9k for 2 return tickets just to take 10 minutes worth of photos and not travel. My parents just came back from a month long Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and I must be crazy if I want them to sit in a plane for another 16 hours. Give the old folks a break. Furthermore, there is another graduation ceremony for me when I get back to Malaysia and then they can join me.

On a brighter note, while everyone is busy preparing for parents to arrive by booking accommodation and holiday trips, I get to laze around and catch up with gym =) Life is good, I’m seriously having thoughts of extending my flight ticket. But I’ll see how it goes.

I picked up my Kilt yesterday. Yes, i’m doing it Scotsman style on monday =)  Pics of graduation will be up after Monday.


In other news, Kah Wei picked up a baby bird from the floor just now. They wanted to name him as one of my housemates. The bird was freaking fat. I tried feeding him muesli but failed miserably. I rationalized that he must be on a diet. They tried soggy white bread and their force-feeding worked. Now the fat bird has been left to fend for its own in the bushes outside my window. I still could hear chirping voices just now but not anymore. No guesses what happened to the bird.


  1. Going as a true SCOTSMAN!! Brilliant! Your one good chance to moon the heck outta everyone yes? Heh heh….

  2. kah wei is such child…its just as bad as the other time he caught fishes..hehe…that was hilarious wei…

  3. milo : Maybe I wont have to moon. Maybe the wind will just blow…

    eelynn : Thats our kah wei 😛

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