Quick post

July 2, 2008

Just a quick post before dinner. Tonight its just me Eelynn and Cherie. The rest are away holidaying with their parents. I stir fried broccoli and carrots with oyster sauce and loads of garlic.  Broccoli is one of the staple chinese dishes everyone must know how to cook and if after 1 year being here still tak jadi I ought to shoot myself.

My observations throughout the whole graduation period has led me to believe that almost all of us are ashamed of our parents behaviour in public, especially the girls. It almost seems like we don’t want to be treated the same way our parents treat us back home in front of our peers. Maybe we’ve all grown up. My parents didn’t come but I can safely say that I will also be embarrassed by my parents antics.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. Our parents are the ones who changed our diapers, put food on the table, washed our clothes, drove us to school etc till we become the person we are today. Shame on all of us. Our parents just want a last chance in treating us like their children and we should allow that with a smile.

I hope whoever is reading this won’t repeat these mistakes.


Thank you mum and dad, for all you have done for me…

hmm my ‘quick post’ seems to be longer than my ‘normal posts’ 😛


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