Yao Mou

July 2, 2008

A bit of blog stats here. My pathetic blog had an average of 50 views per day in the month of June. But on the 1st of July there was like…183 views??? And I also realized that most people searched online for ‘female bodybuilder’ to get to my blog. WTF. Do I come across as a female body builder? I know I wore a kilt but i’m still a guy damnit! hahaha.

I’m going to watch Prince Caspian today. Hope it doesn’t come out as lame and cliche as the last Narnia film. Suprisingly I never watched movies in the cinema throughout my whole year in Scotland until now. That was because I realised the wonders of studentbean.com which offers buy one free one tickets which lowers the cost of tickets to 2.35 pounds only. Movie anyone?

In other news, lately I have been waking up at 7+ in the morning due to a multitude of factors such as sunlight, early sleep, crazy parents ringing the doorbells and poor bladder control. Ok that was random.



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