July 3, 2008

Internet was down last night throughout the campus. I felt as though we were having a power failure back in Malaysia. So me and some of the housemates decided to have a heart-to-heart talk to pass the time. It seems that more and more of my classmates are going back home. Its kind of a sad thing really, as I know myself it might be the last time i see some of them ever again. Thank goodness for blogs, we can still keep in touch and peak into each others lives. Don’t be shocked if my next blog post title is “My Wedding Pics” hahaha. On a brighter note, many of my friends will be shifting to PJ. Then we can still see each other. Maybe open a chain of pharmacies together in the future who knows.

One important thing I learned here is how to live independently. No one to cook, shop for groceries, clean and settle your bills. The best part is the freedom that comes with it. I intend to let this continue once I get back. Probably go stay with my brother so I can take charge of how I want to live my life. But not before going back and eating all my mum and maid’s good cooking 1st of course =)

Prior to coming here, I must admit I rarely helped my mum with the groceries. Now when I go back I wanna see how different is doing groceries compared to here. Probably might go on a shopping spree on lean meats coz lean meats cost a ton here.

Speaking about prices, another topic we talked about was inflation. It’s gonna be really weird when we go back and sit down and order a cup of milo ais (before RM 1.50) and ended up paying RM 2.50. I even heard roti canai costs RM1.50 now. WTF. Thats like more than double the price. Sigh, luckily I get sent to UK where everything is already so expensive so I won’t feel the pinch as much.

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