Khaiyong turns 22

July 8, 2008

Its my 2nd birthday in Glasgow. Many of my friends are away for holidays but I didn’t feel the least bit lonely =) What happened was I just came back from the gym and when I checked my mail, my facebook was flooded with birthday wishes. Alot were from old friends whom I barely talked to anymore. Its great to see i’m still thought of by them.

So at 12 midnight kah wei and the girls came with a toffee cake from Thorntons – Thanks guys!

And today, I spent the day relaxing at home, eating some healthy food, catching up with old friends. Birthdays are used to reminiscence the old days, to realize how far we’ve all come, and to be thankful for all that you’ve been given. Today was special for me because I realized that there’s so many beautiful people in my life who has shaped me to become the person I am today. I’ve made a resolution to cherish all the friendships forged throughout my life and also to catchup with all my old friends once i get back. Thanks for the wishes everybody. Lets catch up sometime!

So yesterday I brought Kong Fui shopping around Glasgow. The weather was kind to us thankfully so we didn’t get wet for once unlike the previous days. Topshop was having crazy sales so I took the oppurtunity to buy myself some Bday presents – which was sort of sponsored by Gala Casino =)

Cotton Vest – £5

Guess how much it is? This vintage looking bag didn’t have a price tag on it so when I asked the shop assistants they told me it was £5!! Buy straight haha

Flare jeans – £12. It doesn’t look as Lala as it seems. Short people like me only look good in jeans with flare or bootcut. And its from Topman!

Leather wrist band – £3

Add up the total and minus 10% thanks to student discount. I love UK shopping! ^^

Tonight its dinner at La Vita and movie after. Will post up pics tomorrow =)



  1. hey first of all, happie happie burfday! welcome to the 22nd’s gp! 🙂

    Yeah top shop having crazy sales. I saw the dunlop bag the other day. it was 10pounds, i was like quite liking it, bt reluctant to buy that time. haha nvm.

    hav a good day, perhaps, good year ahead 🙂

  2. Thanks for the wishes Ti3n! Still got other dunlop bags… whenever you free go la grab yourself one. don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% discount which will make it 4.50 pounds.

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