Bottom Blues

July 10, 2008

I had my eye on one of those 8pound pinstripe formal pants from primark. So today I wore one of my formal shirts and brought my leather shoes in my new Dunlop bag. Must try on with the whole suit only nice mar.

When I finally reached Primark I realised that all got waist size 30 but no length. All leg 32 wan. Just when I thought all was lost, I saw a glimmer of hope. This section of pants had waist 30 and length 29!

“Perfect!” I thought to myself. So i gladly took the pants and went to the changing room and got all dressed up including the leather shoes i brought.

GG! The pants was freaking tight. Not the waist but the whole cutting itself. I felt like I was suffocating. Did I put on weight ??? Cant be coz my jeans is clearly size 30 with room to spare. Then it hit me, I remembered seeing other guai lous where this kind of formal pants. They wear damn high up. So okay, that was what I did but I ended up looking like a bloody carrot thanks to the super slim leg holes and my bulky leather shoes.

Disappointed, I went off to buy some weed.



Just kidding.


So as I was making my way back I bumped into Ansoning. They suggested I head to Burtons to try and find pants. So i did and I went there and found two similiar pants with the same problem. Too carroty. Not to mention expensive.

Haih, i’m doomed to wearing nerdy slacks to work and no girl is ever gonna date me anymore.


  1. wah lau ! u act wore formal shirt n brought along ur leather shoes ?
    u should come to Argyle find me lar jus now so i can c wat ure wearing.. haahah.. i was laughing when reading this…
    c.. memang vain, NO ? must try the whole suit..

    i ended up buying a formal pants frm dorothy perkins.. not tat cheap but tat’s the best deal i can find so far.

  2. At least i wasn’t WEARING the whole suit when to primark, it was in my bag =P except the shirt lar.

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