Healthy Living

July 10, 2008

Hmmm, nothing I really want to blog about actually today but i’m just doing it because i’ve been consistently doing so for the past few days. Don’t wanna end the streak so fast, no ?

Right, everyone knows i eat damn healthy. So what do I eat everyday?

Note: I only eat like this at home. Outside I still eat like a normal person. Or in cook-togethers with friends. I just eat healthy whenever I can without jeopardizing my social life.

Moving on to the menu:

BREAKFAST: Tesco Muesli Cereal (no added salt or sugar) with skimmed milk +/- Banana. It tastes good coz it has raisins in it.

LUNCH1/ LUNCH2: Any Wholemeal seeded bread with lean ham/tuna/egg with a slice of low fat cheese (only 2g fat per slice!) with salad of choice. No butter/mayo allowed. Also, one fish oil pill once daily as source of healthy fat.

DINNER1/DINNER2: Boiled wholemeal pasta, broccoli, carrots and lean chicken breast. Sometimes i eat it with pasta sauce (tomato only) or soya sauce and black pepper. Broccoli for Vit C, Carrots for Vit A.

I spread out my meals by eating small meals throughout the day (hence 2 lunches and 2 dinners) to prevent post-prandial glucose excursions which is bad for diabetics and people who want to be thin.

Most importantly, no sugary fats, no deep fried food. Stir fry can as long as its with a wee bit of olive oil.

I eat this everyday.


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