July 15, 2008

Dear journal,

I’ve been hearing tons of bad stories about people I know recently. This has really changed my perception towards them. To think that these people seem nice on the outside but when you hear those stories of how some of them can sink so low… its just mind-numbing really.

Also, i’d hate to think that others have talked bad about me as well. I’m quite sure some of you might have, because nobody is perfect, am I right? If so, I just want to apologize if I have stepped on anyones shoes before. I really don’t mean it.

These bad stories… why are they popping up so much out of a sudden. Is it because now we know that we are leaving and we won’t have to see each other again so we can finally be open about our true feelings? To think that everyone has lived together with each other and had to put up with each other for a whole year, all that pent up frustration, anger, tears… will we finally be free from it?

Living together under one roof has really taught me some valuable lessons in life. Lessons I will never forget. I’ve seen houses fought, people cry, old friendships break and new friendships form… I would never have thought that living overseas could have such an impact on me.

To those who are about to embark on the same journey… I hope you embrace the important values our parents have taught us such as tolerance, compassion, compromising, kindness, and many others. Go revise pendidikan moral. =P As long as you know you are trying you’re best to maintain peace and harmony with yourself and others, you will have nothing to worry about.

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