New beginnings

August 7, 2008

I’ve been back to Malaysia for a week now and have abandoned my blog been busy running errands, catching up with friends etc. Good news! I still can foos as well as last time. Dota still needs a little work but Kim Keong has promised me intensive training. Haha.

I’m gymless now. My only source of exercise is going for jogs and doing light workouts at home. My life is in shambles. Its too chaotic. I’ve been trying to create systems for myself but so far hasn’t been fully successful. I guess I should just go with the flow haha.


I miss life in Glasgow. Just like how I said i missed life at home when I was in Glasgow. Life is damn ironic. We can never be happy or fully appreciate what we have until we lose it.  My mind is in shambles now.  I’m good at preaching but i’m not good at practicing. I guess life is never a bed of roses. Whats gonna happen to me now? I have no idea. Just go with the flow. Let fate decide it. I hate this. History repeats itself again. I’m more experienced now but I don’t know if what im doing is right. And I realised i’m just randomly typing my thoughts. Sounds like a Wei Thian post. For emo song to accompany this post, play the youtube video below:


  1. heya there..
    r u ok ? u dun sound vy good here tho
    i tot life bac home will be better ? i guess u jus need sum time to adapt bac to the life in malaysia.. i’m sure u’ll do fine ya
    so fast missing glasgow ald ? i felt the difference as well after u left..
    definitely miss u kacau-ing me..ahahahah

    take care k n jus chill 1st.. go wif the flow.

  2. YOoo man! jus enjoy playing dota online only, get a good connection, i miss that man 😛 haha. dont worry so much man, hmmm ‘when the boat reaches the shore, the bridge will be straighten’ take care!! working life starting very soon ooOH!

  3. hahaha weithian post! like that one.
    and i didn’t know you listen to cheesy corny mandarin songs. XD

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