The cost of having a nice body. A retrospective analysis.

August 14, 2008

Living in UK expensive? Especially when it comes to fitness? Lets compare :


Gym cost per month – RM 60

Protein Powder – 1kg = RM 40

Transport – nil (walking distance)

Total Cost – RM 100


Gym cost per month – RM 100

Protein Powder – 1kg = RM 90

Transport – RM 20 a month

Total cost = RM 210

Furthermore, my recent shopping trip in Tesco MALAYSIA vs UK has showed that there isn’t much variations between prices after currency conversion.

Conclusion: I need to find a better way to look good =(



  1. then u shall jz jog from now onwards =)
    go to mt kiara park la!

    btw, ur post on some random stranger asking u for cybersex? i was reading someone’s blog n the same thing happened to her too! its some scam to make u sign up using ur credit card! haha n the whole conversion is computer generated! ahhahaha

    just in case ur interested http://sweatlee.blorc.com/ u can read her blog. post on aug 11th.

    damn i miss kl like shit.

  2. hey jamie! I was just gonna sign up for gym today =)

    Haha wah, seems like u’ve been tracking down this cybersex thief. lol! aiyah… i’ve seen similar things to this before la thats why I blocked it off early 😛 lol

    i miss glasgow!

  3. lol vain pot!

  4. tsk tsk tsk.

    let me guess, fitness first at the curve? haha dun kena tipu duit ok.. fitness centres nowadays super pandai con ppl’s money. lol

    hahah who would ever think that cybersex can oso cheat ppl’s money. swt man!

  5. eh heard u putting up kw at yr place, that should be interesting,
    will be in kl night tomorrow, see u at rehearsal la,
    just met up with aaron, he misses foos like shyte, and he just spent rm1500 on his car plate no (!!!!!!)
    cant log into xanga again, so this is me compensating. but hey, i’m thinking of u too! how’ve u been la. i realised it’s damn hard to eat healthy in msia man. there is no fat-free equivalent of anything, and i really completely miss bran flakes, but not to the point of paying rm15 on them. then again could be a kch thing la.
    right see u soonish, if u’re having interview, good luck n all the best, n let me know how it goes. goodbye takecare!


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