Compare and Contrast

August 30, 2008


8am – eat breakfast of healthy cereal

10am – gym

1pm – eat healthy lunch

2pm – good out grocery shopping and clothes etc (by walking)

6pm – cook dinner

7pm – eat dinner

12am – sleep


12 noon – wake up

1pm – lunch (maids cooking)

3pm – yumcha and takei

9pm – dinner (maids cooking)

11pm – yumcha

1pm – takei

5 am – sleep



Glasgow – Go to youtube and play videos

Malaysia – Go to youtube, play a video, pause it and wait for it to load. =P


  1. move on lo~ 🙂

    you’re not in glasgow anymore!

    and I shall appreciate the life here. cause i know i’ll never get this kinda life back in m’sia! 🙂

  2. ahahh.. ur life bac in malaysia really all upside down. sleep at 5 everyday ? heeheh so unhealthy. n takei so much. to compensate for 1 yr ? ahahha

  3. slowly gaining 350 calories of fat everyday

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