October 1, 2008

It seems that everyone is embarking on a new journey now. And i’m still stuck here. Oh well, who knows maybe in another 2 months i’ll be slaving away in some government hospital somewhere.

Jay Chou’s got a new album! Unfortunately so far i’m only in love with one song T_T. Ever since the 千里之外 album his songs have been getting weirded and weirder. Nooo! No more emo songs =(

Its Hari Raya today! A time to ask for forgiveness and to rekindle relationships. Last year we celebrated Hari Raya with the Scottish students though half of them didn’t get what it was about, it was fun to share our cultures with other people. We had a dresscode day and it was green, black, yellow and white I think. WTH… So many colours right? Might as well make it rainbow day. =.=

The three headed malay.




  1. hahaha. the dressing of ‘sarung’ by ur hsemates was funny man.

  2. never knew u were a fan of jay chou! hey his last album was damn nice okaaaay! super emo. U should also understand the meaning of the lyrics lar 🙂

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