Malacca Trip 17/10/08

October 25, 2008

We started out from Taman Tun at 9am and arrived at MMU Malacca at 10 30am going at 90 kmph in a 1.0cc Myvi, courtesy of Alvin Quah aka Takumi Fujiwara (drift king).

There we picked up Wei Loon from Penang who was gonna be our tour guide for Malacca =.=

After getting lost in town for an hour we found the famous Chicken Rice Ball shop along jonker street. Can someone please tell me what does jonker mean?

The picture was stolen cause by the time we reached there we were worse than a pack of hungry dogs and even ate up the bones.

Next stop was Kota A Famosa.

Touring isn’t as fun as it used to be in UK/Europe. Freaking hot. You just wanna see it and get out of there asap.

Since it was so hot we decided to go for more famous Malacca delicacies.

Let the pics talk for themselves.

After lunch #2 we picked up another of Kah Wei’s friends (from Penang as well) and headed to some place with “air conditioning”. Yup, a trip isn’t perfect without testing the dota standard in area. So we headed to find some cybercafes but failed to find the big and famous ones. We eventually went to one near MMU where the comps were lousy but at least we managed to play with some locals.

After eating noobs, we weren’t full enough so its time for Satay Celup.

And after eating Satay Celup, we weren’t full so we went back to PJ to eat noobs. THE END.



  1. Jealous jealous!! All that yummy food!! Can’t wait to get back and do a little exploring around Msia with you =) I’ll allow you to try to feed me into a pig.

    P/S. stole your brother’s t-shirt?

    Miss you so much!!

  2. ahahah…. malacca’s good food !
    i miss them
    i bet u haven try sum tandoori chicken which is sooOOOO sooOOOO nice i still miss the taste..
    cant wait to go back n eat all the good food.
    i almost kennot recognise u.. ahahahah

  3. eh, how come didnt say how the group of 5 girls whooped yo assssss?


  4. “After eating NOOBS, we weren’t full enough so its time for Satay Celup.”

    haha we owned them la… maybe kah wei feed the girls la.

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