Lessons in life.

October 30, 2008

I feel i should blog about this so that i will remember this for life.

I don’t usually get into car accidents, maybe cause i’m such a safe driver or so I thought so. But earlier when I was driving out of my housing area on a very familiar road, I took the standard necessary precautions on exiting the road as it was quite a tricky one. But the next thing I knew, another car collided with mine.

My heart dropped for a moment. Okay, fair enough. Stop the car, on the hazard lights and come out and have a look. A working man emerged looking calm yet intimidating. Immediately in my mind I thought to myself, ok i’m confirm in the right, there’s no way I could have screwed up here.

The working man insisted that he’s not in the wrong and suggested that we lodge a police report to sort things out. I paused for a moment. Damn panic lar what else. I couldn’t handle the situation. So I told the fella to wait while I call my dad. Dad come out all blur and after I related the story he asked the working man to settle by paying 200 bucks and be on our way. But the working man kept calm and insited that he did nothing wrong.

While this was going on, I was examining both cars, and the more I think about it, the more I realised that I was in the wrong. All evidence points to it.  Panicking, I quickly suggested that we pay for our own damages and settle it. The working man agreed and we parted. But I knew that he was merciful on me. Actually it was I that would have to pay for his damages but I was too engulfed with fear and anger to admit it. I handled the situation badly.

Live and learn khai, live and learn. =(



  1. car accidents? ask me..im the ‘pro’ in that, unfortunately im a bit slower than others in learning my lessons, does 4 car accidents make u feel better? =) well, u just have to stay calm at that instance, n if u think ur in the wrong, just admit it n learn from it..but in ur case,i think u handled it pretty well, since it was the 1st for u…

  2. ky!! :):)
    oh well.
    a smile as comment for this post:)

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