One night in Queenstown (Bandar Maharani)

December 5, 2008

Today starts my night shift so I had the whole day off.  I’m all alone this weekend so I decided to do some exploring around Muar on my own. Discovered a basketball court and 2 cybercafes near my house tee-hee. Who ever said Muar was ulu??? Oh wait, it was me. 😛 My favourite chap fan stall was closed today so i had to eat oily chicken rice =(

This week has been more exciting than the past. Made some new friends thanks to another friend so things are gonna be more exciting now at least.

Monday evening- Basketball

Tuesday evening- Badminton

Wednesday evening- Basketball

Thursday evening- Cook at home

Friday evening- HOME

Doesn’t sound too bad eh? Hope so. Come to think of it, life in Muar ain’t that bad. I guess my only complain is the lack of social life here. I have foreseen it a long time ago as the only people we see everyday are us pharmies. =(

Here’s a list of interesting food I’ve had so far since coming here:


-Teo Chew watery porridge

-Famous Ikan Bakar

-Famous Asam Fish

-Otak-otak (yes ive had too much of it)

-And one more dish that is actually Pan Mee but called something else.

Later at night there will be only me and one pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technicians here and well experienced and they know alot more than us PRPs so I will be counting on their guidance if anything.

Can’t wait for Dec 12…


One comment

  1. i miss otak!!!

    what’s on for 12dec? hols?:)

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