Night Shift – Part 1

December 6, 2008

External hard drive filled with movies – Check.

Water bottle – Check.

Four Hour Work Week – Check.

BNF – Check…

The parking lots were alot more empty than usual… I comfortably shoved my car into the nearest parking space I could find. The scene was quite different compared to the usual. The building was dimly lit amidst an already dark and eerie town. People clad in loose green pyjamas could be seen sitting on the benches, wondering when they could leave this place and go back to their lives.

I made my way to the outpatient department to get the keys. There were only 2 staff members manning the whole department. The metal rails of the counters were already half closed as I entered. There i bumped into Kak Nap, my partner for the night. She gave me funny looks as she passed me the keys to the satelite pharmacy. I shuddered at the thought of working alone with her, as she has been rumoured to have a liking for young boyish pharmacists.  “I shall NOT bend down to pick up medicine”, I thought to myself…

And so night shift began. It started out with filling emergency supples for ward patients. I’ve done this before during my tagging session in Ward Supply, so I thought it was gonna be a cinch. The nurses waited impatiently as I sheepishly keyed in the details for labels to be printed. Kak Nap looked on for awhile … until she couldn’t stand it anymore.


“Biar Kak buat la, Khaiyong fill medicine.”

And then it hit me. I didn’t know what I was doing. Things weren’t as easy as it seemed. I quietly stood aside to let Kak Nap take over the job. The labels came out so quickly I felt ashamed to even call myself a pharmacist. I filled the medicines in and the nurses went and their way, silently giggling at my noobish-ness. To make matters worse, I didn’t really know the layout of the satelite pharmacy. Many a time I had to ask Kak Nap where the suppositories were kept (praying hard that it wasn’t in the lower shelves).

And so the night went on. It started to rain heavily. The banging thunder made me wish I was at home cuddled up in my bed. I’ve dispensed to several patients wrapped in bandages soaked with blood. We get alot of motorcycle accidents this time of the hour.

Suddenly, the computerised dispensing system went haywire. We called up one of the senior pharmacists and I was told to go the the Ward Supply building where the main server was located. Kak Nap asked if it was okay if I went alone as someone had to man the pharmacy. I immediately agreed – to try to make up for my noobishness earlier. Little did I know that there were many stories of that place at night…


One comment

  1. I’d just like to tell you to hang in there.

    Don’t worry too much about the noobish feeling, there’s a reason why you’re considered to be under training. Just do your best and try to learn as much as you can everyday and soon you’ll find that it all comes naturally.

    All the best.

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