Night Shift Part 2

December 7, 2008

Ok i’m too lazy to continue with day 1. Haha. So it was my second night at the hospital. I’m getting better and better at this. I now know where the suppossitories are kept 😛

Kak Nap has been exceptionally helpful in teaching me the ways of the pharmacy. I feel abit guilty for making fun of her in my last posts. She tested me on brand names/generic names of the commonly dispensed drugs. She was like a teacher to me and to be frank i’m gonna miss working with her.

Anyhoo, about 6am last night a security guard came and informed me that a bus accident had occurred along the North-South expressway. I prepared the Tramadol, Prolase and Paracetamol as I braced myself for the blood-soaked patients. I rushed to the A&E  to check out the scene. It was like a medical drama out of a sudden. All the on-call doctors, physician assistants, paramedics, and staff nurses were summoned to the A&E for briefing . They brought beds from other wards as they knew the A&E would be filled up.

Then the victims arrived. The hall was filled with relatives of the victims. All I could hear then was screams of anguish and cries of sorrow. The medical staff were quick to provide relief to the victims. But as much as they tried, the death toll went up. Later on at the pharmacy, the cries of the victims could still be heard echoing in my head.

Life is so fragile. Everyone, please drive carefully wherever you are. Think of your loved ones. This is a public service announcement from khaiyong.wordpress.com.

One comment

  1. hey sounds interesting lar ur night shifts… ahahah
    i din knw here oso the scene like in ER..
    anyways hope ure coping well wif ur job
    take care k

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