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December 28, 2008

After a whole week of recupperating from illness, its time once again to go back to the land of otak-otak. I’ll be spending new years in Muar this year because in Johor, New Years is not a public holiday =( Speaking of public holidays, i’m working tomorrow on Awal Muharram from 1pm-9pm. Just me and 2 dispensers. Gonna be a challenging day.

In other news, it feels great to be back on my feet again. Falling sick sucks, and I think I lost about 3kg worth of muscle mass =( Nothing a little workout + whey protein can’t help.

Recently I watched two good movies – IP MAN (pronounced ‘yip mun’) and YES MAN (pronounced ‘yes man’). Kungfu lovers, IP Man has way exceeded my expectations. Go watch it. Yes Man stars Jim Carrey at his best, I would rate it 7/10 though. Still an entertaining watch. So what are you guys waiting for?

Chinese New Year is coming! 26th and 27th January, don’t forget these dates. For me, balik kampung shouldnt be that difficult as kampung is only 20 minutes drive from my place in Muar T.T

So to everyone, Happy New Year/Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, and drive carefully this festive season alright ?


  1. I have not tried Muar otak otak! How do you explain this?!

  2. haha.. u cum visit me la 😛

  3. I’m so free.. I might just pop up when you least expect. Like a nightmare.. Muahaha!

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