January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone.

Quite emo recently cause of work. I really miss my time in UK. Here’s a video of me and my housemates fooling around on a cold winter night.

I miss my black guitar! Unfortunately I was unable to bring it back and its currently in guitar heaven.
Now its time to look for my previous new years post to see whether i’ve kept to my resolutions. Its also time to make new resolutions or tweak on your old ones.

Oh wait, i realised i didn’t make any last year. Sigh. But walking down memory lane, the past 22 years of my life has been great. Full of ups and downs im sure everyone can relate to that.

I don’t really despise work. I despise the fact that im FORCED to do what I’m doing now for the next 4 years unless I can think of a way to escape 8-5. which I can’t just yet. So right now my plan is just go with the flow and gain as much experience as I can. Btw i’m really learning alot everyday and im starting to feel more and more like a pharmacist. Was this what I really wanted? I can’t say but there’s not much I can do at the moment. Any ideas?


  1. oh no… familiar background… i miss uk so much!!! can i turn back the time back to 2006 when i first went to uk??? siggghhh…

  2. hahah
    i miss u playing the guitar !

  3. ahh… the halcyon days of J1… Good times, good times…

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